A Busy January at NOA and OA

Not even halfway through the month, and it’s already been a busy January!  First we had a presentation at the National Opera Association convention down in New Orleans on January 4, with Dara Rahming, Valerie Francis, and Ivan Griffin.

Now we’re off to New York for the Opera America New Works Forum for a showcase on January 15.  In addition to Dara Rahming, Valerie Francis, and Tyrone Chambers–who’s flying in from Germany to sing!–we’ll be working with our new friend Justin Hopkins, a baritone from Philadelphia.   Special thanks to Lidiya Yankovskaya, Charlotte McKechnie, and Juventas New Music Ensemble for arranging this presentation.

We will be trying to attract some interest in a production from a professional company, so please wish us “Toi toi” as we try to bring Freedom Ride to a theater near you!


One thought on “A Busy January at NOA and OA

  1. Dan, Mary and I just want to tell you how proud of you we are! Besides being a fine musician you are a “gutte neshama” and a fine, kind, loving son.


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